LG Microwave Oven Repair Service center in Tilaknagar Mumbai provide the services to home appliances. They are  like TV, oven, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. Company provides the best service to the customers with all original spare parts. LG Microwave Oven Repair Service center in Tilaknagar Mumbai provides the warranty to our services. These like 3 months product warranty and 1 month general service warranty. Moreover enterprise have well experienced technicians more than 10 years. Admin provide a quick service to the customers.


Above all management has 100% availability of the technicians. On the other hand  strictly following all covid19 rules. In short taking all precautions of covid19 while going for an order. To clarify, technicians do services for only out of warranty products only. Customer care service will provide the complete information about the service. Above all, LG Microwave Oven Repair Service center in Tilaknagar Mumbai are one of the most trusted service providers in Mumbai. Moreover having transport facilities also. In brief having good reputation for our service.

Know the New:

For instance, there are many home appliances like washing machines, fridge, ac’s, Oven and TV. In a word, the use of these products is increasing day by day. That is to say, these products are playing an important role in daily life. In addition, they do different types of jobs. For example the TV is the main source of entertainment. Washing machines used for wash the cloths. Refrigerator are uses for storing the food items. Air conditioner used to cool the temperature. Microwave ovens used for reheating the food. LG Airconditioner Service in Dadar providing all services.

Washing machine

The washing machines are the most using product in every home. To sum up, they are mainly uses for washing the cloths. Further It removes the physical stress form the human body. Nowadays many people are showing the interest towards washing machines. In addition, washers are also providing the best features to their customers. These are coming in low price budget range and expensive range. There are mainly few types of washer are there. Those are

Top load washing machine

These are the very cheapest model among all the washers. Most importantly, neutral families show interest to buy them. It makes some noise while washing the clothes. But it will gives the best experience of washing. In a word, features also very less here. It is the first model of washer types.

Front load washing machine

Moreover, It is not a budget free washing machine. Came with  many decent features. The usages of this washer is very high. This is the best type to use mostly. Affordable charges of this types is high some what. Moreover consumes very less electricity compare to other washers.

Semi automatic washing machine

These are the most advanced washing machines. Certainly, which contains many automatic features. We take very less water while washing. As a result consumes less water. Moreover it takes less electricity. Any one can buy this product.  Comparing to fully automatic takes very less time while wash.

Fully automatic washing machines

The fully automatic washing machines are the most advanced washing machines. It provides the complete controlling of washer automatically.  Human interventions is not needed here. Time free machine. It consumes very less water to use. However the cost is high comparing to all washers.

Smart lock

We can lock the washing machines for the previous setting. When your children’s are in home, then there might have chances to change the previous settings.  So at that time this smart lock helps to save the previous settings.


The refrigerators are the most important product in every home.  Mainly uses for storing the food items. Need of freezers are high in summer. In summers we store water bottles and cool food items. It will protect the food items for long time. Freezers are mainly three types, they are

Single door refrigerator

The single door refrigerators are the first model of any freezers. Similarly it comes with the single door. Moreover it is very small in size. Doesn’t have many features. Why because this is the basic model of freezer firstly. So user may not get satisfaction because of less features.

Double door refrigerator

This freezers are coming in budget free range. People mostly using this among all freezers. It consumes very less electricity. Also contains two doors top and bottom. The top space known as freezer. Bottom one is normal refrigerator for storing fruits and vegetables. In short opt for large and small families. In other words one of  the best freezers of all time.

Side by side door refrigerator

They are the most advanced freezers among all the refrigerators. it contains many features. Proving the converter option to the user. In which the user can convert the freezer in to normal refrigerator. When user feel insufficient storage inside the refrigerator. This is the best refrigerator with best features.

Microwave oven

The microwave ovens are mostly use for reheating the food. The ovens are mainly use in homes, bakeries, hotels etc. To make delicious dishes to the users. It can cook all kinds of variety food. Oven is also coming in different types with different features. They are.

LG Microwave Oven Repair Service center in Tilaknagar Mumbai

Solo microwave oven

This ovens are the simple microwave oven. In which we cannot cook all types of food items. It is only suitable for reheating and defrosting the food items.  Moreover very low in cost comparing to all other ovens. Metal utensils cannot be uses. Further, we cannot set the temperature according to our need. The temperature levels are coming with a fixed range.

Grill microwave oven

The grill microwave ovens are the upgraded version of solo microwave oven. In this grill microwave oven we can cook and defrost the food along with grilling option. As well as expensive comparing with solo microwave oven. Heat values are also fixed.

Conventional microwave oven

The conventional microwave oven can do all functions of solo and grill. It can grill, defrosting, baking, roasting, and browning. Also most expensive product comparing to remaining two products. This ovens uses the metal utensils. The major technology in this microwave oven is providing the temperature setting option. They provided the different levels of temperatures. So we can set the voltage according to the food items.

Air conditioners

Ac’s are the most expensive and valued products. Uses of ac is cooling the room temperatures. The value of the air conditioners is increase mostly in summers. But nowadays the usage of the ac’s are high in winter seasons also. Because in this new generation Ac’s are coming with inbuilt heaters. Which provides the hot air also. This is the best technology provided by any ac. We can heat the room temperature accordingly. The air conditioners are requires the good maintenance. These are three types mainly.

Split air conditioners

This split air conditioners are very easy to install.  Comes with low in cost comparing to other air conditioners. Very easy to maintain and Simple to clean. It makes very less noise while running. These   air conditioners mainly contains two parts. They are compressor and the AC. Compressor is the outside unit. Which located outside of the home on the wall.  Air conditioner is the inside unit which is runs inside the house. There is a copper pipe which connected to the air conditioner. The compressor observes the heat of the room. Similarly sent out the heat with the help of hopper pipe.

Duct air conditioners

The duct air conditioners are best air conditioners. This located to ceilings.Sso it doesn’t take much place. These duct air conditioners are mainly uses in shopping malls and hotels. It has a good capacity of cooling. They provides a faster cooling to the room. Duct air conditioners are more expensive comparing to split air conditioners. It is very slim comparing with split AC.

Cassette air conditioners

cassette ac’s are also known as central ac.because it’s located in centre of the home. It is also located to the ceiling. These cassette air conditioners provide the 4 sides cooling. It will provide a quick cooling to the room.  Moreover looks like box shaped with unique design.

Smart control

With this technology we can control the air conditioners with smart phones. They provided an app called thinQ app. You can find it  on the play store. After installing the app we can start the controlling of the air conditioner. It is the best technology provided by any ac.

4D cooling with 30 meter air flow

They are coming with the technology called 4D cooling with 30 meter air flow. It is coming with huge air flow capacity with 30 feet’s air flow. Which provides the longest cooling to the users. Another technology is 4D air flow. Can provides the 4 sides cooling like up, down, right, and left. This will provide a quick cooling to the users.

LED and LCD TV’s

The TV’s always most using products in every home. They always provides the entertainment to the users. It always plays an important role by entertaining the people. Mainly in this lockdown period staying home is safe for all because of Covid19. Moreover playing a better job by keeping us to stay in home. by providing the best TV shows and movies people may not get bored. Many of people addicted to TV shows and movies in this lockdown. These are mainly coming with budget range and expensive range.


They are budget TV which is coming with HD. Full filling higher in budget range TV’s with full HD. The different between HD and full HD is 720p and full HD is 1080p. These are the highest resolutions provided by the any budget ranged TV’s. Moreover In this new generation they are coming with 4k solution. Which is higher in any TV’s. These 4K resolutions are mainly coming in smart TV’s. Because of 4K resolution many of the people are showing interest towards the smart TV.